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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 29, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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stowed away to maui talks exclusively to kpix 5. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight the family of a bay area teenager who stowed away to maui talks exclusively to kpix5. >> they tell our betty yu one part of the boy's story is a total lie. >> that's right, ken. yahya abdi is 15 years old and is at the center of a family drama from what i can tell, 1 that many family know all too well, a divorce, a stepmom and in this case a brand-new country. >> i'm very upset. i don't drink. i don't sleep well. >> it's been a very tough week for the family of the stow-away who survived a dangerous flight
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on a plane from san jose to hawaii hidden in this wheel well. his stepmom last saw him about a week ago when he bailed on a family dinner and left their santa clara home. >> i want to say i love you so much because you are my son. >> the family says it's not up usual for the 15-year-old to run a -- unusual for the 15- year-old to run away once every few months. she thought he was just having a bad day. >> reporter: would he every tell you why he would step out? >> he didn't tell us anything. he wouldn't do something like that. >> reporter: he wouldn't do something like that? >> that, jump over the fence. >> reporter: you think he's just being a it up cal teenager? >> yeah -- typical teenager? >> yeah. teenager makes it difficult when you say good to school, do your homework. >> reporter: yalya and his two siblings -- yahya and his two
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siblings moved here from ethiopia two years ago. he was unhappy with his dad and stepmom she says bringing them to california lying to them. >> reporter: your mom said your dad told you guys she was killed in a rocket attack in mogadishu. >> no. that's just lying. >> reporter: the kids say their mom only wants to reunite with them now to get out of a refugee camp. >> we already have a good family here. we love her, but she left us when we needed her the most. so we don't want her. >> so they don't buy the story. they don't think he was running away to go see his mom. do they have any idea, his own brothers and sisters, why he did this? >> they say their brother always talked about going to africa to see his grandparents who raised him, but they really don't think that's why he got
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on the plane. so they really don't know. they said all of this really doesn't make sense and near confused. by the way, we -- they're confused. by the way, we should mention he still is in a honolulu hospital and his father plans to fly there and bring him back to the bay area. now he's in the custody of child welfare services. >> he's done this before, taken off? >> he's taken off, but he's never climbed into the wheel well of a plane. they're still in disbelief. >> there could be a little bit of family drama and teenage angst and maybe something else. clippers own we should know tomorrow what the nba has in store for l.a. clippers owner donald zeller. he could be fined or suspended -- sterling. he could be fined or suspended indefinitely, but already tonight the team is losing a bunch of money. more than a dozen companies have cut sponsorship ties with the team after the audio
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recording that sounds like sterling telling his girl friend not to bring black people to the game. >> donald sterling gives his mistress 250 grand a year to maintain her lifestyle. we haven't heard from the mistress, but tonight we're hearing from his wife. despite the denials from donald sterling's wife the court of public opinion has labeled him a racist. >> you don't have to have yourself walking with black people. >> from jordan to lebron, twitter, to the clippers only pregame dropping at oracle sunday, for him to do anything against his alleged racist comments is there. paul henderson said whatever punishment is doled out it likely won't go as far as most would hope. >> it would be very difficult for the nba to force an actual
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sale of the property under these circumstances. >> reporter: but paragraph 24 line 35 of the nba constitution says sterling can be suspended for life. what could force the sale in the midst of a suspension are advertisers and sponsors fleeing for the hills and that could spark the nba's best interest of the league clause. >> people vote with their dollars. people vote with their voices and i think that that is okay and we should look for those responses. >> reporter: meaning if the nba's bottom line is affected, sterling could be forced out. >> i think they have a wide range of options to do whatever they think is appropriate to diminish his representation of the league in this manner. iors- clippers gam >> nba commissioner is expected to make a statement tomorrow afternoon before the warriors/clippers game about donald sterling and his future in the league.
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>> just in case sterling is forced to sell the clippers, magic johnson said he might be game to buy the team. tonight the l.a. chapter of the naacp is withdrawing its plan to honor sterling with a second lifetime achievement award. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, 11. it was devastating. it's off the scale. >> the naacp also returned mr. sterling's donation. woman. she the other part of this story, sterling's girl friend, the other woman, she's not talking tonight, but andrea fuji shows us that she's not exactly keeping a low poll of either. keep-- profile either. >> reporter: vivian stiviano left her home wearing a visor to disguise her face, not answering any questions. earlier today our camera caught her in a couple different outfits wearing a similar visor, first this morning. >> reporter: are you in a relationship with donald sterling? >> reporter: not answering any
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reporter questions she was whisked away in one of her cars. someone identifying themself as her assistant later came out with her dog asking reporters to leave. >> she has a comment. she's asked for you guys to respect her privacy. >> reporter: later in the day she came out in a different outfit and different visor attempting to walk her dog flanked by what looked like a bodyguard. her instagram account of more than 150,000 followers may show a glimpse into her life. she writes one day i will look back at instagram and say i've been there and i've done that. i do it all, artist, lover, writer, chef, poet, stylist, philanthropist, no mention of the suit brought against her by donald sterling's wife which claimed she schemed to cheat to get gift transfers, but last week stiviano fired back with her own legal challenge. though there are no pictures of donald sterling on her instagram page, it's clear she has an affinity for the
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clippers. here she foes with two people in clippers engineers -- poses with two people in clippers jerseys with her name on the back. the caption needs just because i can. doc rivers believes a very strong message is coming from the nba. we'll fine out tomorrow. a -- find out tomorrow. a san jose man working on his mustang was crushed tonight. the car slipped off its jacks. the man in his 50s and his 4 or 5-year-old granddaughter were pinned underneath. eight firefighters lifted the car off the victims. >> definitely kicked in some adrenaline because we had to get them out of there fast because of the position they were in and used brute force and secured it to keep it from rolling back. >> the man was pronounced dead at the hospital. the little girl should be okay. investigators trying to figure out how two small planes collided in the air sending one straight into san pablo bay
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yesterday. wreckage from that cessna was spotted earlier today. christin ayers has been following the investigation from the site of the crash. a look at these pictures fr the contra costa county sheriff's office the buoy ms the spot where searchers f underwater authorities are calling this a recovery effort. they are not saying anything about the location of the pilot, though they say they pinpointed the location of the wreckage. they are saying this is no longer a rescue. look at some of the pictures sent to us by the contra costa sheriff's office today. they actually show exactly where the sheriff's office says the wreckage is. that's where you see the buoy. they say the cessna is underwater after colliding midair with a vintage world war ii plane. the wreckage is a mile and a half from shore submerged in 15 feet of water in san pablo bay. the ntsb say the cessna and vintage plane were conducting a high speed passing maneuver when the pilot heard a thump. we spoke to an eyewitness moments ago who watched the cessna go down. she said one of the wings
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appeared to be shorn off after the impact before the plane spiraled into the water. >> it happened right in front of me, but i did not see a crash, okay? what i saw was the cessna was up further. the hocker was catching up with him and then i see the cessna going down in a spiral motion. >> reporter: she also said it appeared to be a deadly crash from the get go. she said it seemed impossible that someone could have survived. of course, we're still waiting to hear about the pilot's condition. authorities tell us the wreckage, it may have broken apart on impact. reporting live near san pablo bay, christin ayers, kpix5. the first major tornado outbreak of the year and tonight the latest word is more than two dozen people have been killed and the storms have done damage across the south.
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>> a lot of damage, talking more than three dozen tornadoes in one state alone. the sky literally turned black as this twister closed in, one of 38 different tornado reports in mississippi today. in a few seconds homes were demolished, businesses destroyed, cars stacked on top of one another. a local tv meteorologist was reporting on the severe weather this afternoon when he realized he needed to run for cover. >> tornado touchdown has been confirmed this instance. basement now. >> go! ar an see >> go now. tonight, there >> life threatening situation even for the television station. some of the worst damage from these tornadoes was near little rock, arkansas, not much left in some neighborhoods. two dozen folks have lost their lives and the severe weather continues east, next stop georgia. we'll talk about our weather. it's going to get hot coming up. fat,black girl.. aunt jemin" only on 5 a bay area
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defense contractor sued for racism. >> i was afraid to ask the big fat black girl angie mama. >> and some employees tell us what they experienced behind this gate, something you don't usually hear on tv. >> a bay area supervisor caught in his underwear in his neighbor's backyard. neighbor's backyard. a jury,,,,,,
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it's so beautiful! man: should we call security? no, this is just getting good. the name your price tool, still only from progressive. supervisor who said he wanto hook up with a next-door neighbor.. is off the legal hook. a jury found him not e: "attempted tonight the sonoma county supervisor who said he wanted to hook up with a neighbor is off the legal hook, so to speak. a jury found him not guilty of attempted peeking. they deadlocked on the more serious charge of actually peeking. efron carillo admits going to his neighbor's home after a night of bar hopping wearing only boxer shorts and socks. he denied peeking into her bedroom. before this state democrats had
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tapped carillo for bigger things, but tonight there's a big question mark over his political future. his hometown newspaper is calling on him to resign. tonight a san francisco shipyard that gets big defense contracts with the navy is under fire for alleged racial harassment and of discrimination. linda yee reports some workers are suing, not just for the money. a story you'll only see on kpix5 and a warning you're going to hear language we usually do not broadcast. >> reporter: bae is a major ship repair yard in the bay area and a big defense contractor, but according to some current and former employees, what went on behind the security gate while they were working is chilling. >> i was afraid to ask the big fat black girl angie mama. >> reporter: a hostile working environment where alleged gender and race harassment was the norm. >> they use the seven days a
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week. >> reporter: two employees sued. the shipyard offered cash settlements, but it came with a requirement they kept stye lent about her accusations -- silent about her accusations. the attorneys want state lawmakers to make it illegal to require confidentiality in settlement deals. >> it should be against the law to require someone to give up their first amendment right because they want to settle a lawsuit because of someone else's bad behavior. >> reporter: that behavior allegedly included racial slurs and derogatory comments or pictures scrawled on walls or workplaces. at one time a noose of a dummy was found hanging near the electrical shop. brown and king claim human resources did nothing when they complained. >> this is when i won the safety twardy. >> reporter: king loved her job but said she and other black workers were set up to fail, given the worst jobs,
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passed over for promotion and if they complained, there was retaliation. in taped depositions the general manager said they took the allegations seriously but conceded they have not found the culprits behind the slurs. >> i will not shut down production in a shipyard to stop 2, 300 men and women doing their jobs ask them about did you see somebody or who wrote this here? >> reporter: but brown accuses the boss of being racist, too, saying he overhood blacks being refused to as monkeys -- overheard blacks being referred to as monkeys. a statement said in part we value our employees and that bae is dedicated to insuring an inclusive and diverse workplace and have established poes prohibiting discrimination in our workplace. -- policies prohibiting discrimination in our workplace. brown is currently on medical leave for stress. king says after 33 years of
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torment she quit in december. >> all your years of experience, what you know, is broke down to nothing. you are nothing. >> reporter: all she every wanted she says was to retire with dignity. in san francisco linda yee, kpix5. >> the first of three cases against gae on these claims will begin -- bae on these claims will begin later this month. if you use internet explorer, homeland security says stop immediately. microsoft found a security bug that will allow a hacker to take complete control of your computer if you click on a malicious link. this affects version 6 through 7 of the web browser. there are some things to do to protect yourself while the company works on a fix. >> disable your flash plug-in in the browser and because the exploit uses a flash vulnerability, you will be protected. >> you can use a different browser like chrome, safari or
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firefox. it's not just internet morer. tonight aol is investigating -- explorer. tonight aol investigating a security breach that might have had accounts compromised including e-mail addresses, contact information and encrypted passwords. the company won't comment exactly how many customers may have been hacked, but it says potentially affected users will be notified. this is scary. hackers have found a new way to get into your home without you knowing it. an ohio couple woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a man screaming at their daughter through the baby's monitor. what's worse, the hacker was scanning the nursery with the family's surveillance camera. tech experts say wireless cameras can be easy to hack, so change your password often. >> so scary. >> there is no safe place anymore. >> no. i'm moving to the woods. will be it warm in the woods this week? >> well, ken, for those heading
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to the wilderness and the 7 million others living in houses the answer is going to be pretty toasty, our first heat wave since september moving back to the bay area as soon as tomorrow. clear skies, no fog, no onshore flow, clear skies over san francisco and oakland. it's been a while, september 19th the last time we lit 90 degrees in livermore, september 9th the last time we did it in santa rosa and san jose the last time you hit 90 degrees september 7th. all three of those fine cities will hit 90 degrees perhaps once, twice or maybe even three times this week. tomorrow antioch microclimate forecast close to 90, 77 today, 89 tomorrow and 93 degrees coming up on wednesday. what's changing? we've had lots of ridges of high pressure over the past couple months, lots since early september. why is this different? not only is it big and strong, but it's going to be up to our
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north. it's all about the wind direction. where is our air coming from? it's going to be an east wind coming from land, the desert, not from the chilly pacific ocean. that's an offshore wind we get it beginning tomorrow. it hits its strongest point wednesday and thursday with widespread mid-90s away from the water. then the thin ridge moves back down to the south and the same ridge and shine only gives us highs in the 60s and 70s saturday. as the onshore flow is back we're grabbing the influence from the pacific ocean. so tomorrow, wednesday and thursday will be warm, near record highs wednesday and thursday, but hang onto the weekend. weather will be much cooler, highs tomorrow running 14 degrees above average in san jose, 87. fremont 82, palo alto 84. we'll hit 90 tomorrow in brentwood, pittsburgh, fairfield, close to it for pleasanton, livermore and walnut creek, daly city tomorrow 82, kentfield and napa 87 and st. helena tomorrow 88 degrees. warmest days wednesday and
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thursday. we start the cooling friday. look at the weekend, back to normal just like today, 70s inland, 60s near the bay. it's not a long heatwave, but this will be toasty for three straight days inside or outside a house. >> enjoy it. coming ,,,,,,,,,, so what we're looking for
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i smell audit! i smell savings... at&t mobile share value plans for business. now with a year of free high-speed internet. ferguson.. :09 on the end of this year will be stepping down as the host of this show. (ohhhs) 4 thanks everybody that was q convincing! (crowd laughs) 6 burn - worldwide pants first david letterman, now craig ferguson. >> at the end of this year i will be stepping down as the host of this show. thanks, everybody, that was quite convincing. >> after 10 years hosting the late, late show on cbs ferguson says he's going to do something else, probably carpentry. >> i like him. he's funny. the best thing to happen to junk food loving cal students this year turned out to be a double double sized hoax. >> in-in-out isn't coming to telegraph avenue after all this.
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huge sign got a lot of attention on social media, but today a rep says no, not true. >> good joke. >> not very funny. that's like one of the best places to go for a burger. >> you know i'm hungry. darn it. >> i'm hungry for a shark swim. >> you may have to wait for that one, pal. hey, we got baseball for you and a's young ace goes against one of the baseball's best and the sharks deal with controversy in
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. >> nhl playoffs up top, san jose led the l.a. kings 3-0 at the series, 3-2 at the start of business tonight and if the kings won this one, it would be the ninth time in league history a team forced a game seven after being down three long. staples center game six sharks in white on the attack, james sheppard scores the equalizer in the 2nd to tie it 1-1. then
2:07 am
controversial goals spell doom. in the 3rd puck appears to be stopped. ref's whistle in mouth and he lets play resume. it ends in a goal. justin williams poked it through, the play not reviewable. fit a scoring frenzy, three goals in 2 1/2 minutes, kopitar scoring twice and sharks lose 4- 2, game seven wednesday in san jose. baseball, texas rangers pitcher darvish one of the best in the game, the a's bringing out his worst. sonny gray, career first complete game in arlington, 4th inning, josh reddick extends a 2-0 league. darvish lasting just 3 1/3, shortest outing of his career and gray looked like a world beater struck out six and shut out the rangers 4 -0. the a's get sole possession of first in the west.
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postcards night at at&t. look at that. giants/padres series opener against tyson ross. michael morris backed up the middle in the 4th inning, two r.b.i. single to put the giants ahead 3-2. top 5th padres rene rivera hasn't homered in three years and look what happened. yeah, that's where the big boys put them. 5-3 3 padres. the giants lead is down to half a game. now final football game to be played at candlestick park july 12th, a flag football game led by joe montana, roger craig and a cast of former 49ers against a group of players led by none other than miami dolphin great dan marino. i talked to joe today about how sometimes it could be more than just a game. david letterman is next.. wh
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>> the game starts out nice and fun and all of a sudden the end of the 2nd half that competitiveness starts coming out. in the beginning we don't care who wins or loses and it comes down to the end of the game look out. nobody wants to lose. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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letterman is next with joel mchale. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. expect you all there. i'll be there. vern will be there. elizabeth will be there. >> okay, yes, maybe. >> we'll all be. ,,,,,,,,,,
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